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Greta Thunberg Destroys Misogynist; Cis-Het Men Discover "Body-Shaming"

The Best Films and Series I Watched in 2022

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Michelle Yeoh: An Example of How Brilliant Women are Overlooked

The Plight of Women's Clothing Revolt

Freedom of Speech: Intention vs Interpretation

The Man Who Said Malala Yousafzai Had a "Victim Complex"

The Abortion Debate: Arguments Against Pro-Lifers (i.e. Forced Birthers)

I Will Believe You, Woman

Rebel Wilson Needed a Disney Princess All Along

Depp v. Heard: How Society Deals with Sexual Assault Cases for Men vs Women

Using Sexual Harassment as a Plot Point for Advancing Romance

How Vijay’s 'Sivakasi' Taught Me That Sexual Harassment was the Woman’s Fault

Baahubali vs RRR: How Hypermasculinity Elevated One and Ruined the Other

Oscars 2022: Decoding Comedy in America

Turning Red was the Second Home My Childhood Needed

Actresses Lose Relevance With Time, While Actors Remain Stars Forever

Zoe Kravitz in The Batman Made Me Realise How Awesome Catwoman Is!

Aid for Ukraine

The Power of the Dog: A Candid Work of Subversion

Book Recommendations With LGBTQ+ Representation for Valentine's Day

Writing With Fire: 2022 Oscar-Nominated Indian Documentary Feature

List of Anime with Non-Sexualised Female Characters

Anime and Male Entitlement: How Men Defend Perversion and Pedophilia

The False Notion of Choice in Patriarchy (Or Any System of Oppression)

How I Grew Comfortable With Reading Erotica

To the Boy Who Didn't Believe Me

Indian Parents Want Modest Daughters for Honour and Item Girls for Entertainment

Don't Look Up: An Accurate Portrayal of Our Reality That People Cannot Digest

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